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What do you stand for?

Looking at the heaps of snow outside and the lingering sub-zero temperatures, winter has arrived.  And so has the racing season, and Team Canada is back in Calgary from the Fall World Cup Circuit.  We are now three weeks away from the Canadian Olympic Trials - the competition where the team racing at Sochi Russia will be selected!

A panorama of the Speed Skating Oval in Salt Lake City, Utah at the ISU Essent World Cup #2 in November.

With an event like this so close ahead, it is so easy to get pulled away from the actual moment, the now.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the future or in the past, but it is so important to embrace the moment.  As an athlete, I’m looking at my daily approach, and on a personal level, I’m focusing on how I want to show up every day.  What do I want to stand for?  Why am I doing what I am doing?  When you are chasing a goal, it always goes back what your purpose is, and what is meaningful to you.  That fuels your fire and motivation to aspire towards your best.

So during this Christmas season when it approaches the crunch time, make sure you are in the moment, and remember all the small things you are grateful for.  Whether you are marching into Olympic Trials or marching into the office, or a presentation, take a step back and contemplate how you want to approach your daily efforts.  Be positive, encourage others, be grateful for the people and health in your life, be in the moment.  This will allow you to cultivate the most energy and allow you to be the best you can be.

That’s my plan anyways leading up to Olympic Trials, and I strongly believe that the athlete’s approach to races and training is parallel to life outside of sport.  Decide who you want to be every day, and embrace the moment.

ImageLauren McGuire pushing through the pain in her 3000m at the World Cup in Calgary, her debut on the international level. (Photo credit: Arno Hoogveld Daydream Images.)


Some words for thought for the Team at Intact!  Thank you for being part of our team and for your continual support!

Team Canada will be training at the Olympic Oval in Calgary through Christmas in preparation for the Olympic Trials beginning December 27 to January 3, so come on out and cheer on the very best in Canada, and see the athletes who will be competing at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games this coming February!

Thanks Intact for being part of my journey as well as Team Canada, now let's go kick some butt!

Lauren McGuire